Plans on Hold

It has been a while since I have updated this blog. Unfortunately, I have to break the bad news with this post. Our plans to hold a crusade in Blantyre, Malawi have been put on hold due to a lack of funding coming into our ministry.  this decision was not entered into lightly but with much prayer and supplication. I would ask everyone to pray that God would raise up enough supporters for our ministry so that this kind of postponement would not happen in the future. Thanks. – Darrel


Vision Meeting Update

Today, I awoke at daylight – just as I did in Malawi – with an overwhelming sense of gratitude to God for His grace and mercy and for bringing Bryan and I back home safely from Africa. During my quiet time at Lake Benson Park this morning, God brought this verse to my attention and quickened my heart: “Finish what you started in me, GOD. Your love is eternal–don’t quit on me now.” Psalm 138:8 MSG


One of the things that I am grateful for is the fact that God has reminded me of His call on my life to evangelize and has rekindled my fire for the nations.


Each day I would rise at 5:00 AM, make a cup of tea, and go out into the compound to spend time with God. Our guesthouse had a wonderful view of Mt. Soche and very pleasant gardens planted throughout. I would look at the jagged peaks of the mountain and ponder the events of the previous day, the needy people we saw, and the way that God had worked to make our mission happen. It overwhelmed me to think that God wanted to use me to do His work. Continue reading

Update 3 – The Orphanage

Yesterday was another glorious day of seeing God move in a powerful way.


First thing in the day, we traveled out to the orphanage near Zomba to visit the new work that the pastors are undertaking there.


We turned down a very rutty path and passed through rows of newly planted coffee plants clinging to the side of the mountain. Our car, a small Toyota 4wd similar to a Camry, bottomed out frequently as we slowly crept toward our destination – the orphanage site.


Continue reading

Miracle in Mpemba – Update 2 from Malawi

Mpemba Miracle

I wanted to update you on our work here in Malawi and the progress toward the 2008 crusade. We had a wonderful vision meeting with over 40 pastors and bishops in attendance. I brought a message from Acts 17 on God’s Heart for the City based on Paul’s visit to Athens and Mars Hill. It was well received.

Please pray for these pastors as they decide whether to participate in the 2008 crusade. I have presented a new way of thinking to them – namely that their churches are going to have to contribute financially to the local budget cost.

One young pastor stood and said that he was challenged because the Azunga (whites) had paid for everything in the past; that the whites only saw African churches as receivers. He said, “This is why God is not blessing our churches – because we are only receiving and not giving!”


We want to empower them so that they can see God do great and mighty things.


Now, for an update on yesterday’s adventure and God’s providencial appointment… Continue reading

Update One – From Blantyre

We arrived safely in Blantyre on the 25th. The trip was smooth and there were no glitches in the travel arrangements. Praise God!


Yesterday, Bryan and I met with the main group of pastors to discuss some preliminary items about the crusade. The meeting went well and we were able to share our heart with the group. I emphasized the fact that we are trying to do more than just hold a crusade; our desire is to strengthen the churches and empower them to do more evangelism after we finish our ministry here.


The initial date for the crusade will be the first week in August 2008. This is the best time according to the pastors due to weather. It will also be the best time for our team.


The pastors have also caught a vision for holding satellite crusades with multiple evangelists in other areas around Blantyre. They have identified 8 areas for these crusades. Yesterday, we visited 4 of the satellite areas and felt that they were very promising prospects to reach many people with the good news. Please pray for discernment regarding these possibilities.


Today, we will be holding our vision meeting with the expectation that about 50 pastors will attend. This meeting will tell the tale as to whether or not we will go forward with our plans. Please pray for wisdom from the Lord regarding these possibilities.


Darrel – From Blantyre, Malawi

Just a Few Short Days Away

The days are getting shorter! On September 24, Brian Rietvelt and I will depart RDU airport here in Raleigh for Blantyre, Malawi. I am starting to get excited about the mission. Here is what we will be doing:

  • Meeting with Bishop Belord Khula of Loyal Church of Jesus Christ and about 40 other pastors about an area wide crusade to be held – tentatively – during the first week of August 2008. In this meeting, we will together seek the Lord about His plan to reach the city. Brian and I will cast a vision and train the preparation committee for the crusade.
  • Identifying affinity ministries that will be associated with the 2008 crusade
  • Meeting with some other missionaries with the International Mission Board about other affinity meetings that could take place in 2008.
  • Planing the logistics of the 2008 meeting and identifying personnel needs for the 2008 crusade.
  • Ministering in local churches.

Please keep all of these objectives in your prayers as we travel to Malawi, September 24-October 2, 2007. I will be updating this site from the field with pictures and stories from the mission, so please check back frequently. You may also subscribe to the RSS feed through your RSS reader or by e-mail


Harvest Malawi ’08 Weblog Launch

This is the official blog site for the upcoming Harvest Malawi, ’08 Celebration. The purpose of this site is to provide timely information about the upcoming harvest celebration in Blantyre, Malawi to take place in August of 2008. Harvest Malawi is a cooperative effort between the churches of Blantrye, Malawi and Foundation Ministries. Please check back for further updates including from the field updates concerning the upcoming Vision Trip, September 24-October 2, 2007.

 Darrel Davis